Apache starts ... very but slow ; port iteration happening

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Apache starts ... very but slow ; port iteration happening

Postby kasemo » 12. December 2018 17:25

Hello everyone,

I've been dealing with this issue and just have worked around it ... but, it's an issue ... and I have simply given up on resolving it. I've searched here, Google, StackOverflow/Serverfault - nothing definitive.

I don't even want to say how much time I've thrown at it. But ... I have similarly configured systems I currently use and have used in the past. This type of issue has never happened for me.

When I start up Apache in XAMPP - it takes forever for the Apache initialization. It looks almost like Apache is checking every single port during the startup process.

I've tried many different techniques - including removing all of my hosts entries (OS) AND vhost (Apache) entries on this one. I sadly haven't kept track of every try to fix this issue.

This is what startup looks like:


It takes about 5 minutes for Apache to do whatever it's doing ... then everything goes normal - with the "Apache" bar going green, then 80,443 listed as ports. This is on a 7th gen i7 system/16gb ram. I don't think it's a system performance issue.

I have debugging / error logging on high in the Apache config. I also have virtualization enabled ... but network switches are all disabled.
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