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Trouble setting up htdocs

PostPosted: 08. December 2018 17:59
by twidlar
I. I am on a Win10 Enterprise Lenovo Thinkpad T440s.
2. My Win7 Gateway NV53 where I had XAMPP 5.5.0, Eclipse PDT Mars, XDebug and my websites collapsed because the CMOS battery died so I can't boot.
3. I took out the 500GB HD from the Gateway, put it in an USB enclosure and attached it to the ThinkPad, It came up.
4. I used Win10 Explorer to copy and paste \xampp and \eclipse to the Thinkpad C:.
5. I used Filezilla to download my websites to C:\ .
6. I got XAMPP running. I used setup_xampp.bat to adjust the disk drives and configured port 4443 instead of port 443 which Skype uses.
7. I tried moving my addon domains to htdocs by making this link --
C:\xampp\htdocs\> mklink\H concurrent C:\\public_html\
8. Access was denied.
9. C:\\ is marked Read Only in its Properties. I tried to remove that to get write permission. The files were givenwrite permission but not the folders.
10. I am at the administrator level. When I bring up the Command Prompt I am defaulted to C:\Users\Administrator.

What's going on? What do I do?.

Re: Trouble setting up htdocs

PostPosted: 12. December 2018 00:59
by twidlar
See ... indows-10/

How to take ownership and get full access to files and folders in Windows 10