Website loading slow

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Website loading slow

Postby kaguya8264 » 06. December 2018 22:09

My website is loading very slow. I am using xampp to connect to mysql. I talked to my host and VPS they said everything is fine. The website still takes about a minute to load, and I'm not sure why. I tried optimizing/repairing the database but the issue still persists. Also tried disabling windows firewall and windows defender and upgrading the php version. I have no made no changes to my code and everything was fine up until now.
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Re: Website loading slow

Postby Nobbie » 07. December 2018 10:14

With that small amount of information, its totally impossible to have any idea. But why are you running a VPS with Windows and Xampp? The worst infrastructure i can imagine. Either run Linux with preinstalled webserver or simply run a full featured webhost.

Now you have to admin your VPS, your Windows, your Xampp, your Mysql and if anything does go wrong (like now), you dont know which component is responsible. Windows is known for having such TCPIP problems, especially with some CMS like Wordpress, Joomla etc. The internet is full of requests because of slow installations.

P.S.: The subdomain loads normal, so it is neither a Xampp problem, nor any infrastructure problem, it looks like a problem with the main page or script.
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Re: Website loading slow

Postby sknight310 » 12. December 2018 20:54

Kaguya: Is this still an issue? I noticed your load time has come down pretty significantly when looking at - though it is still about a 15 second load. Was it a cache-control issue? Curious to know what you fixed.
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Re: Website loading slow

Postby kasemo » 13. December 2018 17:54

Try adding FPM or similar to your HTTPd.
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