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XAMPP's Apache doesn't open php files, and switches ports

PostPosted: 13. November 2018 16:05
by AlecHarvey
I am using XAMPP to host a simple register script inside a folder called phptesting. But every time i try to view any possible errors in the script via chrome, it will never load. Its always loading. I used htpp://localhost/phptesting/register.php, and I've switched out the URL for so many others. When I look back at Apache, it switched ports, even if i didn't touch it. from 80 to some huge random number; "50947". I never set it to look like that.

To sum up, i put a PHP file in a folder. try to open it in google chrome (to see any errors chrome pulls up). And it will constantly load. I look back to XAMPP, the port has changed from 80 to some huge number. (WAMP does the same thing too, but I don't know if it changed the ports)
(I gave some bold to important words to help out with clarity)
Thank you for any help