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Code is "displaced" on v3.2.2

PostPosted: 02. November 2018 16:49
by djvegan

I'm new to this forum and new to talking about computers in english... so I hope I'll be able to explain the issues I'm having with xampp.

I recently installed prestashop in a localhost using xampp, and everything is working well but now I need to change some info in the tpl files, but the code seems to be "displaced"... I mean, instead of finding the code lines one under the previous, there's just one continuous line of code. Sometimes I can't find either some of the specific part of the code I have to change.

I'm trying to do the changes seen on this website:

But my tpl file is so messy that I can't do anything with it... I usually open the files with the text editor, maybe this is the reason for this issues?

I'd really appreciate any help you could give... I'm desperate!