Can I use XAMPP to run an intranet

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Can I use XAMPP to run an intranet

Postby wandarer » 22. October 2018 19:00

I've been getting better and better using php to code pages. I'm getting to the point were I can convert a bunch of pages written in ASP and change it over to php.

I have been given a server to set up the new intranet. i've used XAMPP to locally develop pages, but now I want to begin hosting our intranet inhouse. How do I begin doing this?
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Re: Can I use XAMPP to run an intranet

Postby Altrea » 22. October 2018 23:00

XAMPP contains the same default webserver software as any other webserver bundle.
So yes, technically it is possible to use XAMPP to run an intranet server.

BUT: We do not provide any support for using XAMPP in live, production or public accessible environments.
XAMPP is not configurated for such environments (default passwords, many activated and probably unnecessary modules, not tweaked for performance, scalability, stability or security).
The XAMPP single components cannot get updated on their own, there is no update procedure for any current XAMPP versions in general.

wandarer wrote:How do I begin doing this?

Install and configure the needed single conponents all on their own is the best advise i can give.
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