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Phpbb forum.... ???

PostPosted: 01. October 2004 12:40
by T-Shot
Ok, so i have Xampp installed on my computer.
Now i want the phpbb forum installed on it too.

So, i copy all the files, then go to install and install phpbb.
No problems so far.
It asks for all kinds of info like:

msql version (must be (4.x) )
database name (forums)
Database user (root)
database pasw (none)

adm email
adm username
adm pasw

All goes well and phpbb gives me a new screen where i can click "finish installation".

Once i click that the address says: login.php
then grey screen (grey from bgcolor) appears and its done loading.
When i click refresh,weird characters show up.

When i perform this with a hosting provider, it works. so i quess i must alter some configurations. but where and what??

(I made a database with phpmyadmin called forums)

Can Anyone help me please...

Kind regards

PostPosted: 01. October 2004 12:47
by Kristian Marcroft

moved this Thread to the english part of the Forum.
What do you mean by wierd characters?
Do the images load correct?

try this:
Find in your apache httpd conf file the following:

#EnableSendfile off
#EnableMMAP off

Both should be commented out by the use of # which you will need to remove (they may even by "on" but you will need to have when finished:

EnableSendfile off
EnableMMAP off

So long

PostPosted: 01. October 2004 12:59
by T-Shot
Thanx for the move, sorry bout that,
I can speak a bit german, but can express myself better in english.

EnableSendfile off
EnableMMAP off

Those two files are nowhere to be found in the file...

"Do the images load correct?"
Well no, thats the problem, it doesnt load anything but the background color. and all the weird chars when i refresh is matrix style.
if you know what i mean.

I could give you a demo to show you what i mean...
Would that help??

PostPosted: 01. October 2004 13:06
by Kristian Marcroft

if you can't find them in the httpd.conf just add them...
then restart apache..

So long