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Pages wont refresh

PostPosted: 01. October 2018 09:00
im having a issue with my localhost not refreshing changes im making, its still a very simple HTML CSS site at the moment and even changing the background from black to white has issues, i have to close the browser completely and reload for changes to display (Chrome/IE 11/Microedge) i have experienced the issues on, i have tried clearing my cache and adding a meta tag that prohibits cache being saved and still have problems my xampp version is 3.2.2 ive used xampp for months no issue and this had occured afew days ago (hense me clearing cache as i believed old data was slowing it down) any ideas on how i can fix this guys

Re: Pages wont refresh

PostPosted: 01. October 2018 10:55
by Nobbie
There is nothing to be done with Apache, it simply delivers the page as designed. Its an issue of the client, either the browser, or maybe any caching tool, a proxy or whatever. Xampp has no effect on that behaviour.
You should google for "how to disable browser cache", there are plenty of fixes out there.