Administrator rights [Solved]

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Re: Administrator rights [Solved]

Postby Nobbie » 25. September 2018 09:36

nieve1 wrote:Yo're a f..... idiot, I didn't ask you to be trying to help users of the software, so stop being as a....e and don't reply to my posts, I was dealing with Altrea and he's much more knowledgeable and polite. Get lost !
You don't even know how to read, I wote that my img statement was:
<img src="20161016-220121.jpg" alt="Me">, is the number the extension in that statement ?

You are a stupid troll, nothing else. It's all said, your stupidity and blindness prevents you from finding the mistake.
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Re: Administrator rights [Solved]

Postby nieve1 » 26. September 2018 20:20

Hi Altrea,
Glad it's you who answered. For some reason it seems that the fact the JPEG (*.jpg) had numbers as file name was causing the problem: I used another JPEG which had characters and no problem; I also changed the name of the file from numbers to letters and no problem. I was able to include a video and opened successfully so I'm getting there. Thanks and have a good rest of the week and weekend . :D
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