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getting started

Postby hismaimai2000 » 21. September 2018 06:01

how can i access my localhost projects without being redirected to the xampp home page without having to type the full localhost/htdocs path.
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Re: getting started

Postby Nobbie » 21. September 2018 11:43

You must put your projects into htdocs folder, either create a subfolder and put your files there or put the files into htdocs directly, Simply apply the file name in the browser: http://localhost/subfolder/myfile.php or http://localhost/myfile.php

If you omit the filename and apply only a folder like http://localhost/subfolder or http://localhost, the Apache server delivers the index.php from that folder. Therefore, if you simply enter http://localhost, Apache delivers the index.php from htdocs, which then redirects to the Xampp dashboard. You may also simply replace that index.php by your own index.php
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