XAMPP 32-bit error with All-In-One Migration

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XAMPP 32-bit error with All-In-One Migration

Postby samrogan » 20. September 2018 15:17

I am trying to transfer an existing website to a localhost wordpress installation using XAMPP. When I try to transfer the site in with All-In-One-Wp-Migration, I get this error message "Your php is 32-bit. In order to import your file, please change your PHP version to 64-bit and try again."

I am using Windows 10 and as far as I know, no 64 bit version for Windows exists. What can I do to successfully work on this site locally?


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Re: XAMPP 32-bit error with All-In-One Migration

Postby Altrea » 20. September 2018 16:03


If you still want to use XAMPP for that task the only way would be to change to the Linux version of XAMPP instead of Windows.

Other possibilities:
- Use a different AMP Stack than XAMPP
- Install and configure each single component on their own
- use a different backup/restore method than "All-In-One-Wp-Migration" which don't needs 64 bit.

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