Newbie at First Installation troubles

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Newbie at First Installation troubles

Postby sirut » 17. September 2018 12:36

Hello guys im new and i've installed Xampp 10 minuts ago.

So, i've some troubles.


- Double click on Xampp.exe
- Select Language
- Open it a Pop-up "restart you application to apply changes"
- Press "okay"
- and show me this Error

- Press okay to allert window
- Control Panel window's it's opened

- So, i tried to click on Start-Apache
- That's what's happened

- Now, i will try to start MySql- Start
- That's what's happened

i would like Upload the logs file, but when i click button says me "Document not exist, creating new one?" i click "yes" but it's always empty txt

- Filezilla and Mercury works but Tomcat not

Could you help me please? im completely new

This is a cool starts with Xampp LoL :D
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