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Tomcat not running

PostPosted: 02. July 2018 21:05
by syom
I'd like to start my Tomcat service( by the way i have installed as a service so i should start automatically but it doesn't ), when i press "Start" button i get just "Attempting to start Tomcat service...".

I have tried to start it from the explorer using catalina_start, it opens CMD and after some seconds write " Server startup in 841 ms", but it is still not started.

I have also tried to start from the services.msc by starting the Apache Tomcat Tomcat7 service, but it writes "Windows could not start Apache Tomcat Tomcat7 on local Computer. For more information, review the System Event Log. If this is a non-Microsoft servic, contact the service vendor, and refer to server-specific error code 1."

I have tried to change the port numbers in the server.xml file, but it also didn't help.

If someone could kindly tell me what to do that would be greatly appreciated.