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upgrading / updating

Postby orangeworx » 27. June 2018 18:09

Hello all,
I've been out of the game for some time now and so is all the software on my system. After a quick dash through the threads dealing with updates, I've remembered an issue I had a while back; updating xampp installation.
Seeing that there isn't an auto mode for uninstalling older version and installing updated version (xampp, php, apache), my question here isn't about how to rather a request for opinion.
I've got me a bunch of bitnami wordpress/joomla so in order for me to keep them an obvious backup of data/db need be done. The issue is if it were a couple, it wouldn't be so drastic but since it's a few, it's an another story.
What would you do in this instance? What would be the smoothest transition in the sense of basically removing old xampp, reinstalling new one and bringing back all the instances. The whole thing with windows and bitnami instances makes things a bit more complex as it's individual installs and I'm not even sure why I went this route (Vs just extracting WP files, db/user creation and starting setup)
Would it all just be simpler and minus the headache if I were to backup each instance individually, wipe, reinstall and restore? or is there something of a batch process that I dunno of?

Any ideas, tips, 2 cents are welcome... as I stated, this is more of a "what's your opinion" type of thread and I do appreciate your input and the time you've granted me :)

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