Sharing Apache through wifi... how to?

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Sharing Apache through wifi... how to?

Postby YanKleber » 21. May 2018 15:05


I just installed XAMPP onto my system (Windows 7) and couldn't believe how simple and easy was to get an Apache/MySQL/PHP system set! I am in love!


Now I am running into a small problem though. It was installed on my desktop computer but I need Apache shared to my whole wi-fi network then I can test my deployment with my mobiles (actually the main reason I installed it was to test iOS).

OK, on my computer browser I have full access to the htdocs stuff by just typing 'localhost'.

I tried it on my Android but it didn't work... I tried also and still no luck. In any way it says 'page not available'.

Any advice?

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Re: Sharing Apache through wifi... how to?

Postby Altrea » 22. May 2018 07:23

On your other devices instead of using localhost or you need to type in your LAN IP address of the computer xampp is running on.
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