I can not share the entire page on xampp

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I can not share the entire page on xampp

Postby fileth » 16. May 2018 09:23

I threw the page through xampp
and displays not the whole page
the local network is the same
where is the problem ?
forwarding to
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XAMPP version: 3.2.2
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Re: I can not share the entire page on xampp

Postby Nobbie » 16. May 2018 19:59

I think you have any invalid redirect or rewrite or similar in an .htaccess file. Therefore all links relating to http://fileth.pl do not work. Probably a redirect to "localhhost" or so, i think you have installed WordPress under localhost, what does not work if you want to reach it from outside.

Its not a Xampp issue, its either a User issue (you should have installed WordPress under fileth.pl) or a WordPress issue.

Its extremely hard to find out any more, as your information is extremely poor, you even did not mention that you are running a wordpress installation.
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