Error after adding MySQL service

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Error after adding MySQL service

Postby ggrippi » 12. April 2018 10:11


I'm getting an error after installing MySQL as a service on my Win7 boxes. The XAMPP Control Panel (v3.2.2) shows in its log window the following lines :

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10:50:17  [mysql]    MySQL Service detected with wrong path
10:50:17  [mysql]    Change XAMPP MySQL and Control Panel settings or
10:50:17  [mysql]    Uninstall/disable the other service manually first
10:50:17  [mysql]    Found Path: C:\xampp\mysql\bin\mysqld --defaults-file=C:\xampp\mysql\bin\my.ini mysql
10:50:17  [mysql]    Expected Path: c:\xampp\mysql\bin\mysqld.exe --defaults-file=c:\xampp\mysql\bin\my.ini mysql

This is not somethiong new and can be solved by modifying the file mysql_installservice.bat as follow :

@ line #31 change :
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bin\mysqld --install mysql --defaults-file="%cd%\bin\my.ini"

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bin\mysqld.exe --install mysql --defaults-file="%cd%\bin\my.ini"

by simply adding a ".exe" to mysqld

Note that you will need to uninstall the service first

Can this change be added to future releases please?

Thanks in advance,

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