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Feature Request

Postby MikeSquared » 04. April 2018 23:11

Given that my hosting provider only offers MySQL and PostgreSQL, as the MariaDB & MySQL forks diverge this may become a problem (IMO). It would be nice to have a option to choose which DB server to use/include (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL,others?) when downloading/installing XAMMP. This isn't meant as a discussion on why a given DB is better than the others (here is a third party comparison though, https://db-engines.com/en/system/MariaDB%3BMySQL%3BPostgreSQL), but more just on what is currently available with most hosting packages and being able to have a local XAMMP installation match a given developer's actual web hosting package offering.

I did notice that Bitnami has standalone MySQL and PostgreSQL modules (just not as part of the Xammp add-on options). How hard would it be to get Bitnami to add those SQL servers to their Xammp Add-on selection? Also there use to be a "Lite" version without filezilla, mercury, & tomcat (another stand-alone Bitnami module). Maybe bring that back? I can't find it anymore, but it is still referenced on the apachefriends.org website...

Maybe a good way to do it would be XAMMP (Apache & PHP) with Bitnami add-ons available for everything else. That is Tomcat, Database (MySQL, Maria DB, PostgreSQL, etc) Ruby, etc. To be honest I don't know how the window installer is packaged nor how hard what I'm suggesting would be. Thanks for reading and considering this suggestion.
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Re: Feature Request

Postby Nobbie » 04. April 2018 23:44

The idea if Xampp has never been to provide a fully flexible webserver distribution for each and everyone, but instead give an easy to install local development environment, which simply includes the most known and used webserver (Apache), CGI language (PHP / Perl) etc.

Not more, not less.

If someone needs full flexibility instead (and also has the skills for all the configuration option), he should go for one of the many many linux server distributions. But creating a superdistribution out of Xampp, which not only supports all webservers, all databases but also all OS (all linux distributions, all Windows Releases since Windows 7, all OSX releases since whatever) would definately be a horrendous task and for what? I dont think that Bitnami has the manpower and the money (who should pay for all that? Will you join Bitnami volunteerly and offer your full manpower?) to do such a giant job.
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