XAMPP/WP will not display the theme just text over Wifi

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XAMPP/WP will not display the theme just text over Wifi

Postby TomED18 » 28. March 2018 18:48

I thought it would be a good idea to set up XAMPP and Wordpress on my local Windows 7 machine, so I can test out how my new website would look on my Tablet and phone. I thought it can't be that difficult... OOP's how wrong can I be!
Everything was just perfect until that last step, XAMPP and Wordpress are both working just fine on localhost.
I changed the themes on localhost and all worked fine.
After getting the IP Address of the localhost PC, I then I switched off the local Firewalls on both PC's just in case.
Now, I moved over to my other PC (also Win7) and my tablet. I entered the IP address:8080/wordpress/

The problem is it opens the web page OK, but the theme, and the photos just don't appear, only text.. but it works perfectly on the localhost... It has the same fault on my tablet, no theme, no photos.

Can anyone please give me a solution to this frustrating problem?

Many thanks!
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Re: XAMPP/WP will not display the theme just text over Wifi

Postby Altrea » 28. March 2018 20:11

You can only map wordpress to a single domain, this can either be localhost or something else..
The domain is saved in the wordpress configuration file and maybe in the .htaccess too.
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