Xampp 2nd install?

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Xampp 2nd install?

Postby gwmbox » 20. February 2018 01:06

Hi guys, I'm using version 5.6.30 of xampp and wanting to update to the latest version to check for any compatability issues, to do this I still need to keep my existing version running while I test the same websites on the later version of xampp and php etc.

Is it possible to run two versions of xampp with their own versions of php etc for each install?

Secondly is it still not possible to 'upgrade' an existing xampp version to the latest new version?

I have not tried this yet as I don't want to stop my current v5 from working.

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Re: Xampp 2nd install?

Postby davehir » 18. March 2018 11:47

Hi gwmbox

I see no replies

Did you try it in the end

I am in same boat wanting to test a drupal 7 site with php7.2

I see your question has had lots of views so we cant be alone, or is the answer so obvious and I haven't looked in the right place ?

Anyone ?

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Re: Xampp 2nd install?

Postby mgsmus » 19. March 2018 08:26


  • Kill running Apache, mysql processes and anything to related your current xampp version
  • Install xampp 7.2.3 to another folder, i.e C:\xampp72, do not start anything
  • Change port 80 to 7272 in C:\xampp72\apache\conf\httpd.conf:
    • Listen 7272
    • ServerName localhost:7272
  • Change SSL port 443 to 44372 in C:\xampp72\apache\conf\extra\httpd-ssl.conf:
    • Listen 44372

Do not start mysql in xampp 7.2.3, use your old xampp's mysql, it's same version anyway.
If you use virtual host, do not forget use ports, i.e. http://myproject.test:7272
I don't know about Drupal but if it has anything related to the domain, it also can be required to use port number
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