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No change after update

PostPosted: 27. September 2004 13:39
by Katarn
Today I installed the 1.4.8 upgrade. A few days ago I already installed the 1.4.7 upgrade.

After the 1.4.7 upgrade, I started the service, and on the frontpage it said Version 1.4.7.

But now, after the installation of the 1.4.8 upgrade, it still says version 1.4.7. And when I click on phpinfo, it still says PHP 5.01.

But, when I go the the program files, and I look at the version of the php.exe and some *.dll files, it all says Version 5.02.2.

I have the feeling that something is not right here, but I don't know what.

PostPosted: 28. September 2004 14:03
by StTiLa
The version-number seems to be incorrect. I have the same problem. Take a look into htdocs\xampp\.version

In this file you're able to change the version number.

To use PHP5 you have to call php-switch.bat in your xampp-folder.


PostPosted: 28. September 2004 14:52
by Kristian Marcroft

as mentioned by my forman,

the .version files in htdocs and in the install dir were not updated.

To get the new PHP Versions to work, you have to execute the php-switch.bat twice.

Then all should work fine.

So long

PostPosted: 28. September 2004 15:06
by Katarn
Thank you both for your answer!

I'm now using the correct PHP version. :D