apache root directory

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apache root directory

Postby danglotor » 04. February 2018 22:22

I would like to change the root directory from which the project should be loaded from htdocs to C:/Users/Daniela/Dropbox/škola/CS/IA/Product/public. All the threads I have come across suggest to go to the config file and to change the directory. However, if I do that and attempt to restart apache, the log just says "Attempting to start apache" and nothing happens. No error, nothing in the logs, it doesn't start or anything.

Is there anything else I should be changing for it to work? Or can you help pls?

(I dont want to move the project to the htdocs because it is an important thing for school and I dont want to risk losing data or not having access to them)
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Re: apache root directory

Postby Nobbie » 05. February 2018 10:00

You cannot use Dropbox as DocumentRoot for several reasons, mostly permission problems.
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