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Reinstating a MySql database

PostPosted: 29. January 2018 09:38
by ThomsonB
Hi, I have had quite a few problems and so just tried re-installing XAMPP (!!). I might be able to get this to work if I can see how to reinstate the MySql database that I had created in the previous install. In MySql I can find the import tab, but what do I actually import? Where might I find it ( I kept a copy of the previous XAMPP, so it must be there somewhere.
cheers, Bruce

Re: Reinstating a MySql database

PostPosted: 29. January 2018 11:47
by Nobbie
You should have done an export as well, before re-installing Xampp. That gives you a single file, which includes all data, what you have to specify on the import tab.

If the new and the old Xampp installation do not have different releases and you have a backup of the old installation, you may try to replace the data folder (c:/xampp/mysql/data) including all files and subfolders from the new version by the old one. Simply rename data to data.original or so and then copy the whole data folder from the previous Xampp. While copying, do not run MySQL, start MySQL after finishing the copy process.