can't login to phpmyAdmin when using FastCGI

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can't login to phpmyAdmin when using FastCGI

Postby artoo_s » 23. January 2018 20:51

When I set up XAMPP to use FastCGI, when I try to login to phpmyAdmin it just keeps asking for username and password.

After a google search I found that the following lines should replace what was in the httpd-xampp.conf file

Alias /phpmyadmin "C:/xampp/phpMyAdmin/"
<Directory "C:/xampp/phpMyAdmin">
Options ExecCGI
AllowOverride AuthConfig
Require all granted

After making the changes and saving the file and restarting the server I still keep getting asked to enter username,password when trying to login to phpmyadmin. I changed back to the normal Apache 2.0 Handler and restarted and had no problems.

Anyone able to get phpmyadmin working when using FASTCGI?
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