How do I change my file path?

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How do I change my file path?

Postby frogman210 » 08. January 2018 21:28

So I was getting all kinds of errors when I installed Xampp originally. Then I realized that I had installed it to a directory with spaces and that can cause issues.. So I uninstalled it completly removed the folder it was installed in etc. Then when I reinstalled it to the new folder path that has no spaces and opened it it gave me the error saying that it expected the path its in, but it is getting the path that it was in first with spaces that no longer exists.

Expected behavior

For apache and MySQL to start when I click to start it

Observed Behvaior

Errors when attempting to start the Apache side, it just says trying to start apache then doesn't do anything more after that.

What I have tried

I have tried restarting the computer,
Uninstalling and reinstalling xamp
Installing it to a new path with out spaces
asking a few back end devs I know

Results of what I tried

Still the same with the issue being that it is finding the wrong path (the one deleted vs the one its currently installed to) there is the image. i am not sure why i cant just upload it here, but please let me know what you think might be the issue or what I might be able to do to resolve it, thank you for your time!
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