Two Versions of XAMPP?

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Two Versions of XAMPP?

Postby JamesA » 21. December 2017 22:48

I have an old version of my website running on localhost via XAMPP Version: 5.6.3
I also want to run the up-to-date version of my site on the same computer, but it is php 7.1.12

Can I run two versions of XAMPP on the same computer or is there a better way?

If that is the way to do it, is there an installation guide or tutorial telling how to run two versions?

Thanks James
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Re: Two Versions of XAMPP?

Postby vgriffin » 22. December 2017 05:40

I've got multiple versions running. One of the keys is using different port numbers for everything. I figured out a "standard" for numbering the various ports as a set and adhere to it. (I've requested that they make the title of the control panel configurable to simplify managing the windows.) I was already using non-standard ports because of other software for which I can't change port numbers. The port numbers can give you a clue about which control panel controls which website.

You may have to be careful about the PATH behavior, but you can use environment variables in the Windows path. (My PATH includes %JAVA_HOME% and I've used a similar trick with PHP.)
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