Project Send With Xampp Help

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Project Send With Xampp Help

Postby Nepetaii » 21. December 2017 06:31

Im trying to get This running on xampp
"Tried a Kamagra from, ended up spending 3 out of 4 because of his wife's grumbling moods. The latter worked fine, hard and long. It seems to be a game of roulette with terms, etc.ProjectSend is made in php and uses a MySQL database to store the information. Please see that your server has at least php 5.2 and MySQL 5 or better to run the software. The PDO extension MUST be installed.
Apache 2 is recommended but PS should also work on IIS."
Wondering how to get this working says "The PDO extension MUST be installed"
dont know what that is.
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Re: Project Send With Xampp Help

Postby Nobbie » 21. December 2017 10:49

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