i don't know what's going on with my server, please help !!

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i don't know what's going on with my server, please help !!

Postby chawki » 13. December 2017 21:40

so i'm working on a web project for my college, and i'm using xampp version 3.2.2. every time i refresh the page to see my changes in the html, css or javascript i only see the unchanged version of the pages, none of the changes made actually appears on the browser. it happened to me when i started working and i was told to use private window to see my progress and it worked until about a week ago i started working on this page with ajax (which is kinda my first time using it) and everything just went down in flames from then, i just keep getting the same error messages even if i correct them which as you might guess really confuses me a lot, and the problem continued with html and css that i made to my page. i really have no idea what's going on and i'm not sure if it's the browser or the server or something wrong with computer or it's a configuration problem. i'm really stuck here guys and my project due is in few weeks and still a lot to go, i'd really appreciate the help because right now i'm as desperate as i could ever be. thank you for the time and effort and sorry for making this too long.
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