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Postby Beata » 26. September 2004 04:46

I have downloaded xampp 1.4.7 installer
I can not install
When I press setup_xampp.bat
it says "nothing to do"

Could you help me?
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Postby Beata » 27. September 2004 05:16

I have installed installer.exe into apachefriends folder and perl-addon-1.4.7.exe into apachefriends/xampp folder

I am not sure is it correct?

Everything it seems has been installed OK, but:

1. I can't call my php in my browser
2. I don't know where I should save my php file
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Just starting, bug

Postby chanio » 27. September 2004 06:34

I'm just starting the installation (big one).
How to solve the bug that you can't just choose the root directory to have the usual D:\XAMPP base directory?
When you want to install it in D:\ or D: it refuses to go on with the installation. And writtes D:\apachefriends as the default base directory.

So, just take all what comes after D:\. And add a space after the D:\ ... When writting D:\ (space) it allows you to go on, and it installs as usual in D:\xampp directory.

The perl and python add-on should be installed where the installer points, that is D:\xampp in my case!

I'll post other results :)

Next STEP: open the console and go to the D:\xampp directory.
There I find the setup_xampp.bat.
I start it: setup_xampp.bat

It says a lot:
But what maters is the last part...
Code: Select all
 Starting configure XAMPP with MOD_PERL ...

Yes, I also chose WITH MOD_PERL (MIT MOD_PERL) . I want to learn the best tools :)

Then I start it all:
filezilla_setup.bat (and choose to install it as a service since I have Windows XP Pro, and not Home that doesn't allow services, only NT has it)

mercury_start.bat (I have to arrange all the little windows in a nice way, just that)

Finally, I want to see the server working at full... So, from my windows, I click at the D:'xampp\xampp_start.exe and see all the show...

It first appears a IE window with a splash screen that lets me choose the English version. Then I see all the menus and things to test.
If everything is working as expected, I will see all the green names at the Status option of the left menu.
The phpinfo() option also says a lot about the new working server and all its PHP components.

My job hasn't finished yet. I still have to declare Apache and MySQL as services that should autostart whenever I start my Windows XP Pro.

I then, have to try to fit all my httpd.conf previous configurations at the new httpd.conf that is tryied and working fine.

Finally, change the MySQL root password (both at MySQL and at PHPmyAdmin setup...
And, copying my previous folders in their right place.

Every step needs to be tested with the working server.
If anything fails, I still have time to backup to a previous working state.

But, after the installation, I guess that everything else should fit easy!

Hope it helps!
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