Accesible php from no-ip?

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Accesible php from no-ip?

Postby resilo » 07. December 2017 18:58

So i am familiar with networking but not very familiar with xampp
the goal is i have a php script called test.php that pulls some information from sql. I can access it from my local host and it echos the correct data. But i cannot
access it externally with correct portforwarding.
i have attempted to configure it correctly but it is not working and i am not sure where the
changes are needed to allow this.

what configurations for the host/server do i have to change in order to make it accessible externally from
[no-ip]/PHP/test.php/ ?
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Re: Accesible php from no-ip?

Postby Nobbie » 09. December 2017 00:55

None. But keep in mind to put your files and folders to the DocumentRoot (i.e. htdocs).
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