Best online tutorial?

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Best online tutorial?

Postby PapaGeek » 24. November 2017 09:06

Hello, this is my first post to this forum.

The name PapaGeek comes from programming my first computer, for the US Army, in 1967 using machine language assembler and wire wrapping and and or gates. I was a software engineer until I retired in 2015 and I still play with code in my spare time.

The site I am trying to create for my RV camping group will be my first attempt at an on-line database where the pages you get to see will depend on if you are a logged on member of the group or just a visitor to the site.

XAMPP has been on my personal computer for a total of 6 hours now and I’m looking for a good source of online tutorial information on using XAMPP, PHP, and MySQL. The best I have found so far comes from a series of YouTube videos by Ken Swartwout:

Are there any other good sources for step by step how to information with sample code?

As a newbie I have to ask if I can post the URL of the site I am playing with?
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