Xampp keeps renaming frm files then loses that table

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Xampp keeps renaming frm files then loses that table

Postby cyklon » 02. November 2017 04:14

Hey All,

I have an install of Xampp 7.1.10 on my usb drive which was working fine until i changed my mysql config file(my.ini) to include the line ' lower_case_table_names = 2' so i can have table names with uppercase letters now after doing this almost everything is working as it did before, except the major issue of when i change the structure of a table (add,update,remove columns) the frm file related to the table is renamed inside the xampp/mysql/data/'database name'' folder, from example.frm to EXAMPLE.FRM and then after that the table is visibly lost in phpmyadnim until i stop mysql, copy the file outside the xampp/mysql/data/'database name'' folder and rename it back to lowercase ( example.frm ) then copy it back in and start xampp and mysql again.

If anyone has had this issue or knows how to resolve this that would be excellent .

Thank you
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