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Vtiger + Xampp not working on other LAN systems (Working on

PostPosted: 17. October 2017 16:05
by itushar
My objective: Install & implement Vtiger (any version) with XAMPP/WAMP (does not matter) on the small & simple LAN (4 PC)

Local Area Network: 4 Desktops (win 7) + Broadband router

Progress so far: Successfully installed Vtiger 6.5.0 + XAMPP PHP 5.6.31 on one of the 4 desktops( Its working absolutely fine on the desktop ( But ( not opening on other 3 desktops. ( is opening fine on other 3 desktops. I'm able to open (installation wizard) on other 3 desktops after extracting "vtigercrm6.5.0" to "htdocs". But, as soon as the installation is done; it stops loading the page (err_connection_refused)

What am I missing here? Thanks in advance :)

Re: Vtiger + Xampp not working on other LAN systems (Working

PostPosted: 17. October 2017 16:53
by Nobbie
itushar wrote:What am I missing here?

Do you think its a Xampp issue? I dont.
Its definately a vtiger issue. We cannot provide support for third party tools.