APIkey to GET data from an external site

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APIkey to GET data from an external site

Postby markiecarter » 11. October 2017 09:03

Hi everyone,
I am using XXAMP and MySQL/PHP to develop a football scores database and related tool. This is in localhost at the moment, but I would like at some future point to move the db and php scripts to be available on the web.
I would like to get data coming in from an API at apifootball.com.
I have followed the documentation on their site and used the same PHP code with the APIkey. However, I cannot see the data, I just get a blank array returned each time.
I wondered whether there was a reason why I cannot use an API such as this in XXAMP?
I have asked the api-football people, but not much support there.
(I am fairly new to all this, so not as technical as I should be, so apologies if I have used the incorrect terminology in the above description - hopefully you will know what I mean!)
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Re: APIkey to GET data from an external site

Postby Nobbie » 11. October 2017 11:11

markiecarter wrote:I wondered whether there was a reason why I cannot use an API such as this in XXAMP?

There is no reason. Xampp is only a distribution, a collection of web tools. All these tools (Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP etc.) are not developed by Xampp (i.e. Bitnami), but only collected, preconfigured and packed with an installer.

Unfortunately, you did not provide any information about your Xampp installation. There might be a portibility issue between that football API (which i dont know and what we cannot support of course) and the PHP release of your Xampp installation (for example). I dont know which PHP is required by that API, I also dont know which PHP is installed on your PC. I wonder about your "WindowsXP" Operating System, as Xampp (and especially PHP) does not support Windows XP since a couple of years. If you have a running Xampp version on your Windows XP, that must be quite an old installation (i.e. Xampp 1.8.3 or less), the current releases do not run on Windows XP.

Try to find out which PHP and which Apache and MySQL releases are required for that football API and try to establish an environment which comes closest to that environment. That is all i can say about. I have no clue about your football API.
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