Php doesn't seem to work after installation

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Php doesn't seem to work after installation

Postby sheepo » 27. September 2017 15:46

Hello, I've recently installed xampp on my home computer. There seems to be something not working with the php. I've spent a while looking around and haven't been able to find a solution to the problem.

an example of what I mean by the php isn't working

when I go to edit the index.php file i get a line at the end of the file reading: Something is wrong with the XAMPP installation :-(

Running on windows 10
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Re: Php doesn't seem to work after installation

Postby Altrea » 27. September 2017 17:47


Sure there is such a line in this file. How do you think would you define a message which should get outputted in the browser if something went wrong?
There must be a place to define what should happen.

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