Newbie Xampp back up question

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Newbie Xampp back up question

Postby oneeyefrail » 19. September 2017 04:13

Hi all , excuse me if this is a dumb question but a newbie here and just learning the ropes , At the moment i backed up my live website to xampp localhost whilst i play about with wordpress etc to learn but my question is well questions are ,i have started modifying the localhost site and its all going good but is it possible to back this up to do a fresh install of xampp? the reason i ask is i tried to change xampp to multi site but with some of the plug ins i have it says i have to deactivate them which i cant seem to do as no option so figured id need to delete it all and reinstall xampp change it to multiple sites then upload my previously saved local host back up ...if that makes sense :),I'm running xampp through my portable hard drive so thought i could maybe install xampp on another hard drive and just switch back and forth the drives but it just upsets all the paths etc ,thanks in advance
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Re: Newbie Xampp back up question

Postby Nobbie » 19. September 2017 08:53

What do you mean by "xampp multi site"?? I dont know any option like multi site in Xampp?! Are you speaking of virtualhosts?
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