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Typo3 - MySQL database character set check failed

PostPosted: 11. September 2017 13:07
by mpawright
XAMPP v3.2.2 Win10
great job with XAMPP – extremely useful!!!

On problem I get is with Typo3:

MySQL database character set check failed
Checking database character set failed, got key "latin1" instead of "utf8" or "utf8mb4"

It looks like the default lang/char set for MySQL when XAMPP was compiled is latin1_swedish_ci which seems to be what Typo3 complains about (although the tables for Typo3 when set up all employ utf8_unicode_ci, and all MySQL seem to use utf8_bin / utf8_general_ci).

Is there any way to change this or get around it?

Thanks much indeed,