phpmyAdmin anoying tootolip???

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phpmyAdmin anoying tootolip???

Postby artoo_s » 04. September 2017 18:02

Just wondering if anybody else is getting tooltip that pops up when you click on the calendar icon to choose a date with myphpamdin shown in screenshot Image

I noticed it on a older version of XAMPP so I downloaded the latest Windows version and did a new install and still get it. When I view the demo on I do not see that tooltip.

Is there a setting that will not show that tooltip?
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Re: phpmyAdmin anoying tootolip???

Postby Nobbie » 04. September 2017 20:18

artoo_s wrote:Is there a setting that will not show that tooltip?

Maybe. I dont know. BUT: what is the problem about that tip? Dont use phpMyAdmin if you dont like it?!
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