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FileZilla is disabled

PostPosted: 29. August 2017 01:21
by Farallon5
***NEWBIE ALERT*** I just installed XAMPP (my first time). I made sure that during installation ALL modules were checked to be installed. Apache and MySQL start and rune fine. In Config I have checked for FileZilla to start on launch. I even installed FileZilla server separately and it works. But no matter what I have tried, all four control buttons are greyed-out in the Control Panel and there is no way to start it.

PS: Mercury also has the same issue and was similarly checked to be installed so if you have any tips on that please include...

XAMPP ver 3.2.2
Windows 10 home

Thanks for any help!

Re: FileZilla is disabled

PostPosted: 29. August 2017 18:58
by Farallon5

I had to reinstall XAMPP 3.2.2 and paid more attention to the list of modules that were being installed. FileZilla was not in the list, and neither was Mercury. Fake Sendmail was.

Running XAMPP, the control panel does show FileZilla and Mercury as if they were installed, but all action buttons are greyed-out for them, and there is no mention of Fake Sendmail. I did install FileZilla server separately, and clicking on XAMPP's Services button shows that it is running. Nothing in the services list for Fake Sendmail or Sendmail.

Are these known issues?


Re: FileZilla is disabled

PostPosted: 29. August 2017 20:35
by Altrea

Did you accidentally install the portable version of XAMPP? These versions does not include these modules.
btw: There is no XAMPP version v3.2.2. This version number is only for the single component XAMPP control panel.
To get to know more about the XAMPP version number and where to found it please read this: [Q&A] Insufficient debug information - base information

best wishes,