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Postby rennanabud » 16. August 2017 21:34

Hi guys,

I installed de WP locally with XAMPP and when I tried to acess from another computer in the same lan, using the IP address and PORT, the page is loaded but not the style, imgs, .js… any files are loaded. But I can normally access the xampp dashboard from any other computer, only the WP pages doesn’t load properly.

When I access from localhost it works perfectly.

– the chrome shows this error in each file when i try to access from another pc through IP:

I don’t know what do any more, anyone could help me please?

– I’m using XAMPP 3.2.2;
– I changed the port to 8888, and I do access the xampp dashboard from outside, so I think the problem is not the port.
– I already turn off the firewall and antivirus;
– I already re-install the xampp and WP;
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Postby Altrea » 16. August 2017 22:04


rennanabud wrote:JUST A GUESS but I think apache is blocking the GET method to access the files, but i don't know how it works

wrong. Your wordpress can build asset URLs based on exactly one domain, either localhost or a different one like your LAN IP.
If you installed wordpress as localhost all the asset URLs are based to localhost too and localhost is always the very own computer the request is send from.

rennanabud wrote:- I'm using XAMPP 3.2.2;

No, you are using XAMPP control panel v3.2.2, NOT XAMPP v3.2.2

rennanabud wrote:- I changed the port to 8888, and I do access the xampp dashboard from outside, so I think the problem is not the port.

Changing the port is in 90% of the cases it is used the least preferable.

You should read a few of the sticky threads here. Many of the topics (especially the base information about the XAMPP version number and why changing the Apache ports is mostly not the best idea) is written there.

best wishes,
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