Installation Error

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Installation Error

Postby jaraneta » 11. August 2017 06:28

I keep getting the following error when I install XAMP:
"There has been an error.
Error reading file H:/xamp/
The application will exit now."
I'm the admin on the computer and have made sure all rights to H drive is enabled.
What seems to be wrong
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Re: Installation Error

Postby Nobbie » 11. August 2017 13:00

There is no in Xampp for Windows and it is also an invalid extension for Windows. Instead there is ctlscript.bat

You must be doing something very wrong, but you as dont tell us anything about your installation, i cannot say what is going wrong. Also H:/xamp looks very strange, the recommended folder for Xampp is c:/xampp (on c: drive and with double pp), that should not be changed without any reason. What is H:? And why xamp instead of xampp?
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