Is there an XAMPP 64bit version for Windows?

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Is there an XAMPP 64bit version for Windows?

Postby OneUseAccount » 27. July 2017 01:22

I have Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit, and I have to handle files with a size bigger than 32bit-php might be able to handle.
Are you going to provide a 64bit XAMPP version for Windows, too? (Or do you want to force me to port everything to perl? :P)
Seriously, I think without a 64bit XAMPP version for Windows this package is obsolete for Windows, sadly.

Other suggestions: 1. To improve the site you could put the information that it's only a 32bit XAMPP version for windows on the start page
2. The installer talked always about MySQL instead of MariaDB. A piece of information about MariaDB getting installed in fact would be helpful.
3. At the end of the Windows XAMPP installation I got an error message about something like '... -n not working'.

(I'm not up to date about php, but in former years the 32bit versions of php couldn't handle very big files. And back then it was said that even 64bit php running with 32 bit Apache won't give access to such big files, but 64 bit Apache would be needed, too.)

This is the 70,000th post and the 17,000th topic in this forum section. Good luck! And it's good software! But please provide a 64bit version for Windows.:)
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Re: Is there an XAMPP 64bit version for Windows?

Postby speadup » 11. December 2017 09:17

You can try this
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