Intermittent ODBC Disconnection Issues Windows 10

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Intermittent ODBC Disconnection Issues Windows 10

Postby rhorne » 25. July 2017 11:23


We run a Microsoft Access front-end connected to a MySQL back-end through XAMPP and have been using this successfully for a number of years.

The machine I was using as a database server was starting to show its age so I migrated to a new PC with a much better spec and an SSD hard drive. It also runs windows 10 versus the old machine's 7.

I installed the most recent version of XAMPP (5.6.31) and reimported my database. Everything went smoothly and I reconnected my users just fine.

However, in the last few days, every now and then and seemingly without warning we are all receiving ODBC connection failed errors. It's just a general failure message and gives me no clues. This never happened on the old system.

If the user closes their database, waits a minute or two and then reopens it it seems to work fine again, but a few minutes later, they or someone else might experience the same issue again.

Is this a Windows 10 issue? Is this a 5.6.31 issue? Is there a new parameter restricting the number of connections to MSYQL?

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