Why XAMPP drive gets easily corrupted?

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Why XAMPP drive gets easily corrupted?

Postby Alkis » 23. July 2017 23:36

It is the second time that my XAMPP drive got corrupted, the first time after about 3 months from the last XAMPP installation and the 2nd time after less than one month.
I am using the XAMP 5.6.30 installer to install XAMPP on a SD card connected to my PC, operating on Windows 7, as drive G:
This time, disk checking found 883 files corrupted. The whole 'htdocs' folder and other folders were corrupted. 'xampp-control.ini' and 'httpd.conf' were corrupted too.

The situation, more specifically: Everything worked OK for the whole morning. Then I put my PC to sleep, after I stopping Apache and MySQL services. (I try to always do this to avoid crashes like these, but it appears that it's not the solution!)

Can anyone tell me what makes a XAMPP drive getting so easily corrupted and how to prevent it?
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Re: Why XAMPP drive gets easily corrupted?

Postby Nobbie » 24. July 2017 14:50

Its not the Xampp Drive, the problem is the SD Card which does not support sophisticated caching and restoring options. Put your Xampp on a HDD or SSD and the problems disappear.
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