XAMPP (Apache Upgrade)

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XAMPP (Apache Upgrade)

Postby sachithd » 14. July 2017 11:50


Apologies if this question was asked before but having spend some time on Google and on this forum I was unable to find a solution so I've decided to post this here hoping some one could shed some light on this issue.

When we set up our web server initially, we installed the XAMPP Version 5.6.3 with the following
Apache 2.4.4
MySQL 5.5.32
PHP 5.6.3

We have a requirement to upgrade the PHP, and Apache to the latest versions to patch the security vulnerabilities.

As the first step we were able to upgrade the PHP to version 5.6.31 successfully on Xampp.

But we couldn't find any instructions on how we can just upgrade the Apache version.

We are aware that the latest version of Xampp comes with the latest versions of Apache , PHP etc but what we wanted to do is to upgrade the system with a minimum amount of down time and also we do not require to upgrade the Mysql database to the latest version of Maria DB.

Can some one please advise how we can just upgrade the Apache component on Xampp without affecting the other components.

Many Thanks
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