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PostPosted: 13. July 2017 10:07
by knutsford
I have a windows 7 64 bit machine and I am having problems with Zend and xamp. I have a directory under htdocs with zend etc in it for my zend project. That is obviously wrong by the look of it so how do I set up a zend project in xamp on a window 7 64 bit machine? The only instructions I can find mention changing files such as etc/host but I don't have that on my machine. Thanks

I have xamp set to run on localhost:8080

Re: zend

PostPosted: 13. July 2017 12:13
by Nobbie
What is the Xampp part of this question? For Zend installation questions you should ask in a Zend Forum. Also for installation descriptions about Zend. /etc/hosts is the hosts file in Linux environment. See wikipedia where to locate the Windows hosts file:

Re: zend

PostPosted: 13. July 2017 13:52
by knutsford
? I am trying to add zend to xamp on my PC and I am not sure how to do it. That is where XAMP comes into it

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PostPosted: 13. July 2017 15:16
by Altrea
Each installation is different, we cannot provide any support for any of them.
If you want to install software xy on your Windows 10 would you ask Microsoft how to install it or would you better ask the software developer?