Connect to IBM DB Informix

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Connect to IBM DB Informix

Postby PjChen » 22. June 2017 11:44

my server os is : Windows Server 2012
XAMPP version: 5.6.30

I wanna connect IBM DB Informix.
I have get the php_pdo_informix.dll from this site (thread safe version)
and put into the directory: ./xampp/php/ext.

add the extension to php.ini as following:

And also Install the Informix Client-SDK.

BUT, I restart the Apache via XAMPP and get the error message: httpd.exe error, and lost iclit09b.dll.....(this file is included in the directory: Informix Client-SDK\bin)

the apache error log notice this PHP Warning,
PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'C:\\xampp\\php\\ext\\php_pdo_informix.dll

Could anyone help me to solve this error? Or point put my error.

However, I can connect the IBM Informix DB via DSN Setting of ODBC Data Sources(in the windows control panel) and use the IBM Informix ODBC driver.

Thanks a lot!
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