DYNDNS, AT&T Port Forwarding, and listening on other than 80

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DYNDNS, AT&T Port Forwarding, and listening on other than 80

Postby SerenityNetworks » 21. June 2017 16:28

I am using XAMPP with the dyndns services for an FTP server without any issues. I have the dyndns services for mycompany.dyndns.org pointing to my IP. I have my AT&T router port forwarding 20 and 21 to my laptop running XAMPP. Remote users can go to ftp://mycompany.dyndns.org and connect to the FTP service without any issues. I'm not having the same success with HTTP.

With HTTP, localhost works just fine, but http://mycompany.dyndns.org does not.

When I went to configure port forwarding of 80 to my laptop, the router warned me that this could disrupt my TV services. I cancelled the change. Instead, I created a custom service to forward port 8080 to my laptop. In the httpd.conf file, I changed listen to: Listen 80.8080 I left the server name at: ServerName localhost

http://localhost resolves just fine. However, http://localhost/:8080 gives me a 403 error "access forbidden". http://mycompany.serveftp.org simply times out.

I'm at a loss as to what to do next so that mycompany.dyndns.org routes to Apache running on XAMPP on my laptop. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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