No reference to Control Panel anymore in Xampp installation

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No reference to Control Panel anymore in Xampp installation

Postby dennisp » 14. June 2017 03:33

I have been succesfully using xampp 7.0.9-1 for a number of weeks.
Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
Xampp path c:\xampp
Today the control panel showed that Apache was unavailable.
I deleted the shortcut on the start menu and can no longer see any reference to control panel.
I have been able to start control panel manually by right clicking xampp-control.exe and starting with Administrators rights.
The following messages appear
12:08:14 PM [main] All prerequisites found
12:08:14 PM [main] Initializing Modules
12:08:15 PM [Apache] Problem detected: Apache Not Found!
12:08:15 PM [Apache] Disabling Apache buttons
12:08:15 PM [Apache] Run this program from your XAMPP root directory!
12:08:15 PM [mysql] XAMPP MySQL is already running on port 3306
12:08:15 PM [main] Starting Check-Timer
12:08:15 PM [main] Control Panel Ready
Is there any way I can start Apache?
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Re: No reference to Control Panel anymore in Xampp installat

Postby Nobbie » 14. June 2017 10:07

dennisp wrote:Is there any way I can start Apache?

I dont think - it looks as if your Apache has been deleted somehow?! Can you find out if the contents of c:/xampp is valid or something missing? Honestly, this sounds like a hardware error, a diskcrash or similar. What you can do:

Proceed to Sourceforge and download a ZIP Package from Xampp, with fits to your installed Xampp release (7.0.9). That is available here: ... p/download (simply click on that link and a download should start after a few seconds).

Unpack this package in a safe folder BUT NOT into c:/xampp. Somewhere else, where ever you want. After unpacking, you can compare the files of the folder c:/xampp and your new folder, especially look for httpd.exe (that is the executable Apache file), this should be in c:/xampp/bin (i am not 100% sure about that, but you will find at least in your new folder). You may copy each missing file in c:/xampp from the new folder. But, the question remains, what has happened to your PC? How could this happen? Did you accidently delete something? Or is your PC hacked? Or simply a crash?
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