Install of PHP fails

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Install of PHP fails

Postby Tempus » 05. June 2017 17:40

I have tried to install the "xampp-win32-5.6.30-1-VC11-installer.exe" a few times, and always fails to fully install correctly.
An error pops up saying that php cant install, and that I need to download the Microsoft c+ 2008 redistributable.
I already have it, but did try to re-do it just in case to no avail.
The new installer also gives a "UAC" warning which none of the others have before, but as I have always installed to a second drive, not an issue.

My system is a windows 10 pro 64bit.

I therefore need to install "xampp-win32-1.8.1-VC9-installer.exe" instead as that one works fine every time.

Side notes:
1: The installer is not able to do an upgrade , but rather you are forced to do a new location.
2: The new control panel does not show modules service on left side as should.
3: If I install VC9 and then VC11 in a new location (keeping both), then VC11 installs ok.
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